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Events for 2018 in the vicinity of the Elmenhorst Parking Facility

"Warnemünde Tower of Lights"
The "Warnemünde Tower of Lights" is a New Year's Day tradition that draws numerous visitors to the coastal resort every year.

Warnemünde Winter Fun
Taking place on the beach and around the lighthouse, this adventure weekend and carnival promises ice-fishing, horse-racing, carriage rides, camp fires and a great deal more besides.

23.03.- 08.04.2018
Rostock Easter Market
The Rostock Easter Market draws a number of visitors to the Hanseatic city of Rostock every year.
Traders offer varied wares and showmen a colourful repertoire.

Easter Fire
The Elmenhorst Voluntary Fire Brigade hosts an Easter Fire boasting music and dance at the fairground in Elmenhorst (date change: www.elmenhorst-lichtenhagen.de).
The Easter Fire on Warnemünde Beach is a highlight every Easter.

"Stromerwachen" (River Awakening)
The "Stromerwachen" traditionally heralds the start of the Warnemünde season.

Rostock Pentecost Market
Experience Rostock in the grip of Pentecost celebrations for four days, complete with carousels and culinary delights.

38th International Hanseatic Day Rostock

Warnemünde Week
The Warnemünde Week takes place every July and draws numerous visitors to the Hanseatic city and coastal resort of Warnemünde.

Hanse Sail, Rostock
More than 200 traditional and museum ships invite you to visit Rostock in August to attend a vibrant global maritime exhibition.

06.09.- 09.09.2018
Warnemünde "Stromfest" (River Festival)
The Warnemünde summer season comes to a festive end with the "Stromfest".

April-October 2018
"large pots"
More than 180 cruise vessels or "large pots" will set sail at the passenger quay in Warnemünde.
Sailings are announced on the notice board at the Elmenhorst Parking Facility.

Rostock Christmas Market
The Rostock Christmas Market is the largest in northern Germany and is popular with visitors and residents alike (www.rostocker-weihnachtsmarkt.de).

New Year's Eve Party
As is the case every year, and back by popular demand, the restaurant is once again hosting an open-end party (50 metres away from the Elmenhorst Parking Facility).

For events in Elmenhorst-Lichtenhagen, please refer to the website www.elmenhorst-lichtenhagen.de and the current announcements on this site. All events can be easily accessed by public transport, by bicycle or using our Parking Facility's "Rent-a-Smart" service.

We wish you an enjoyable and inspiring season 2018!
Bärbel and Dr Roland E. Winkler

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