Elmenhorster Strand
Elmenhorster Strand

Elmenhorst on the Baltic

Elmenhorst and the motorhome site are located on the outskirts of the Hanseatic city of Rostock.
The motorhome site is located in the newly created district of Rostock on the traffic routes to Bad Doberan and the Baltic resort of Warnemünde.

Elmenhorst and the community of Lichtenhagen Village have an excellent infrastructure. In addition to shopping facilities, there are service companies of all sorts close to Elmenhorst Motorhome Site.

Around Elmenhorst Motorhome Site there are many beautiful places to visit, such as Doberan Minster, the Lichtenhagen windmills, the rock garden in Lichtenhagen Village and the waves on Elmenhorst's beach on the Baltic. The 12th meridian runs through Elmenhorst beach and the community to the south of it.

There are gastronomic establishments close to the site, while others are a short bike ride away.


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Many interesting events take place every year in Rostock and the surrounding area.

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